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Residential and Commercial Asphalt Paving

Allstate Paving is Long Island's premier asphalt paving company that operates in the state of New York.

Started in 2009, Allstate Paving has been performing quality asphalt installation, asphalt repair and asphalt seal coating services (also spelled asphalt sealcoating) in and around the Long Island area since then.

Allstate Paving has built a solid name and reputation by delivering the best value and quality of service for our customers which is why so many people recommend us to their neighbors and friends.

We provide asphalt installation and maintenance services ranging from small residential Long Island Asphalt Driveways to small business and large business commercial parking lots throughout the region.

Whether you need minor asphalt repairs, seal coating or a complete renovation, Allstate Paving, a Long Island Asphalt Paving Company, wants to be your asphalt paving and maintenance specialists. We at Allstate Paving provide services that encompass the full spectrum of New York and Long Island asphalt paving projects.

As asphalt installation and maintenance specialists we plan every step of the asphalt installation or repair process from start to finish in order to bring you value, satisfaction and guarantee. Every asphalt paving or asphalt maintenance project is unique so we perform a thorough site inspection in order to familiarize us with the specific conditions of your asphalt project and to prevent costly surprises as the job progresses.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to ensure that the job is done right the first time and on schedule. Our year-round Long Island asphalt NY paving operations allow us to provide you with results on your schedule.


Crack Sealing
Cracks should be cleaned of all dirt and debris and a hot pour rubberized sealer poured into them. Crack sealing helps to prevent water from penetrating into the sub-grade causing additional cracking and complete pavement failure resulting in alligatored areas or potholes. The crack sealing rubber generally maintains its elasticity during repeated freeze or thaw cycles allowing it to continuously keep the crack sealed during expansion and contraction.
The construction, removal and replacement, and/or overlaying or resurfacing of asphalt driveways has been the main niche of Allstate Paving since our inception, which has allowed us to grow tremendously helping us to grow into and perform more commercial Long Island paving services. However, we still remain steadfast in providing the highest quality asphalt driveways in Long Island.
New Construction
Allstate Paving, a Long Island asphalt paving company, will work with you to design the driveway or parking lot that will fulfill your every need.
An overlay or resurface project can be an option as an alternative to removal and replacement. This is particularly true in the case of parking lot paving. Overlaying or “resurfacing” an asphalt parking lot can be much more appealing when it comes to cost and can be much less expensive when comparing to complete removal and replacement.
Removal and Replacement
Removal and replacement the most extreme asphalt repair process there is and is only needed in cases where the existing asphalt pavement has failed due to sub-grade issues, old age, neglect or increase in heavy use. To avoid the expenses involved with asphalt paving removal and replacement, it can be prudent to maintain the asphalt with an ongoing pavement maintenance plan that includes annual or bi annual crack sealing, consistent seal coating every 2 to 3 years and patching as needed.
Seal Coating
Asphalt sealcoating can help to reduce long term repairs when comparing it to non maintained asphalt, particularly when analyzing the costs over the lifetime of the asphalt. Seal coating can actually increase the life expectancy of asphalt pavements by as much as 300%! The cost of seal coating is comparably a minor expense to the cost of removal and replacement. Some of the benefits of seal coating are improved appearance which increases the curb appeal of a home or office, reduced long term costs, increased value, slowing oxidation, and resistance to water and fuel penetration which can cause long term damage if left untreated.

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